Supporting the Arts and Local Charities is a Cornerstone of RAA

Mile High United Way

Mile High United Way goes beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change in Metro Denver. We love spending time volunteering with MHUW because we appreciate the way they bring people and organizations together around innovative solutions for some profoundly complex challenges facing our community.

When we volunteer our time at Mile High United Way, we get to be a small part of improving thousands of lives every year. This year we volunteered at the 2018 Children’s Holiday Party (which served nearly 400 hundred families) by wrapping hundreds of presents from the MHUW holiday toy store where parents can “shop” for new holiday gifts for their children.

Annual Sponsor, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities

350,000 children and adults visit this incredible arts center every year to be inspired and engaged in the arts cultural experiences. The Arvada Center has been a community resource for arts and arts education for three decades.

RAA has an ongoing commitment to The Arvada Center through our yearly contribution of the Adopt An Actor sponsorship which directly supports the actors for the Black Box Repertory season.

2018 Denver Film Festival

303Magazine.com put it best “…It wasn’t a festival to escape from the harsh realities of everyday life, instead, the films swirled around relevant, though sensitive, subjects. It seems as if all over the world, the most important message is one of change — to change our relationship with nature, with other people, with drugs, with war. The People’s Choice award went to Green Book, a movie about bridging the gap between two different ways of life and perspective, proving that the audiences were ready for films that mean something profound, rather than films to just provide entertainment.”

We attended a number of the hundreds of film offerings and celebrated quality filmmaking at numerous festival events and walked away awed, reflective, and supremely appreciative of the talent and skill of all involved – filmmakers, actors, and tirelessly dedicated Denver Film Festival event staff.

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