Thayer, Glenn

  • Actor Only Categories:   Male Actors
  • Voiceover Only Categories:   Male Voiceover
  • Actor and Voiceover Categories:   Male Actors and Voiceover
  • First Name:   Glenn
  • Last Name:   Thayer
  • Voice Qualities:   Commercial, Narration, Character, and Remote-studio Based
  • Height:   5ft 11inch
  • Weight:   160
  • Age:   52
  • Eye Color:   Green
  • Hair Color:   Gray
  • Affiliation:   Non-Union and Union
  • Ethnicity:   Caucasian
  • Home Studio:   Yes

Voice Over

Commercial Voice Over

Narration Voice Over

Character Voice Over


Commercial Reel

Super Bowl LIII National Commercial

Film/Television Reel



Film, Television, New Media, Commercials, Industrials, Hosting, Voice-Over

**Hosting demo reel upon request


Master of Ceremonies

Conference Moderator

Snow Ski - Expert level

Scuba Diver

Prompter proficient

Podcast host


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